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10/21/14 - Idaho Potato Commission Launches New National Television Commercial

For the past two years, the Idaho Potato Commission’s (IPC) national television commercial has featured the Great Big Idaho® Potato Truck and a perplexed potato farmer who can’t seem to keep tabs on it and its fun-loving Tater Team. The IPC recently launched its new national television commercial, which again features the now famous farmer searching for his Truck. But this year his search soars to news heights with the help of a fellow farmer.

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10/16/14 - Spooky Spuds That Are Frighteningly Delicious

Not many think of stocking up on potatoes for Halloween, but this year the Idaho Potato Commission (IPC) is offering seven new reasons to make sure spuds are at the top of the grocery list.

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10/15/14 - Know Your Idaho® Potatoes: New Brochure Delivers The Facts on Russet and Other Varieties

Idaho® potatoes – the term refers to their source of origin – are renown for quality and reliability in all 50 states. While most consumers and foodservice operators associate the Idaho trademark with russet potatoes, Idaho growers are seeding fields with new varieties to meet a burgeoning demand for reds, yellows, and other niche varietal potatoes.

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09/15/14 - Idaho Potato Commission Appoints New Commissioners

The Idaho Potato Commission (IPC) announced the recent appointment of two new Commissioners who will each serve three-year terms. Randy Hardy, from Hardy Farms in Oakley, and Nick Blanksma, a grower residing in Hammett, will be formally sworn in at the IPC’s October meeting. Mike Christensen of Melba, who has already served one term on the IPC, will also be sworn in for another term. The Commissioners were nominated by industry peers and selected by Governor C.L. “Butch” Otter.

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09/11/14 - Twenty-Five Idaho® Potato Perfect Pairings Offer a Harvest of Menu Ideas for the 2014 Crop

Eagle ID (September 2014) — It’s September, and the annual potato harvest is underway across Idaho, where growers are unearthing a year’s supply of America’s favorite potatoes. To coincide with the arrival of fresh Idaho® Potato varieties in the market and to assist operators with planning for fall and winter menus, the Idaho Potato Commission (IPC) has posted its Perfect Potato Pairings recipe web page.

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