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06/01/15 - Want to Serve Perfect Fresh-Cut French Fries? Idaho Potato Commission Wall Chart Supplies the Answers

Contact: Ann Segerstrom

Want to Serve Perfect Fresh-Cut French Fries?
Idaho Potato Commission Wall Chart Supplies the Answers
Eagle ID (May 2015) — The Idaho Potato Commission (IPC) knows busy operators need resources to make the job easier. With their new How to Fry Perfect Fresh-Cut French Fries Using Idaho® Potatoes wall chart, [...]

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06/01/15 - A Cut Above: Idaho® Potato Commission’s 2015 Potato Lover’s Month Contest Entries Top All Other Commodity Display Competitions

Grocery retailers nationwide set out their sharpest spud displays for the Idaho Potato Commission’s (IPC) 2015 retail competition, which was extended from four weeks to eight weeks for the first time so that ample shipments of Idaho® potatoes would be available.

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04/17/15 - Take Sides: IDAHO® FINGERLING POTATOES Fit the Bill

Small to medium in size, with a tender interior, Idaho® fingerlings are making it big on the side. Popular as a side dish, versatile fingerlings can be cooked or roasted whole, stuffed, shaved and chipped, and even braised in oil for a earthy confit.

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04/03/15 - Big Idaho Potato Truck Kicks off 2015 Tour with a New Mission That Serves “A Big Helping” to Local Charities

Eagle, ID, April 1, 2015 – The Big Idaho Potato Truck is about to embark on its fourth cross-country journey and its mission this year is bigger and more meaningful to local communities than ever before.   During its 4-month tour, the Truck will identify charities in many of the markets it visits and offer “A [...]

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03/26/15 - Southern California Food Bloggers Celebrate Idaho® Potatoes at 2nd Annual Potato Palooza

When 22 of southern California’s top food bloggers got together to talk taters at the 2nd Annual Potato Palooza, it was no ordinary tasting event. Idaho® potatoes were the centerpiece of this exclusive event that showcased the versatility of the spud through a collection of recipes that went above and beyond the traditional baked, mashed, fried and roasted applications.

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